When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, your safety isn't just about your own skills and equipment—it's also about the unpredictable elements brought by those around you on the slopes. Brigid Mander, writing for the Wall Street Journal, highlights a key perspective from Nick Sargent, president of Snowsports Industries America: "After a helmet, such a pad offers skiers the most important type of protection." This insight underscores the importance of being mindful not only of your own actions but also of those around you, whose control, or lack thereof, can impact your safety.

Advancements in protective gear have revolutionized the comfort and feasibility of wearing such equipment. Mander notes that modern back protectors, like those from SHRED., incorporate "proprietary foam that is certified to safety standards set for motorcyclists—adds almost no bulk." This level of innovation means that essential protective gear is now more comfortable and less intrusive than ever before.

Opting for SHRED.'s protective gear is about prioritizing your own protection in a way that's convenient and comfortable and that boosts your confidence on the slopes, no matter your skill level. As highlighted in the Wall Street Journal by Brigid Mander, "the lightweight Shred Flexi Back Protector Vest fits over your base layer and underneath everything else," making it practically unnoticeable but significantly impactful. Read the full article here.

Are you searching for a back protector that offers maximum comfort so you can forget you’re wearing protection until you truly need it? Then the SHRED. Flexi Back Protectors are the perfect choice. By using SLYTECH™ Foam in the FLEXI hexagon structure, they’re especially thin and light while also offering unrivaled flexibility and certified impact energy absorption performance (Level 1). Turn to the SHRED. Flexi Back Protectors for unconstrained confidence that enables you to push your limits, feel like a pro, and have fun.

Our Flexi Back Protectors:

  • FLEXI BACK PROTECTOR VEST ZIP: Features a convenient front zipper, ensuring ease of use and a quick, comfortable fit. Minimal thickness, superlight, no bulk, unmatched flexibility and comfort.
  • FLEXI BACK PROTECTOR VEST MINI ZIP: Designed for kids between 3' and 4'5" (90 to 135 cm) in height, protects them from unforeseen impacts. Features a convenient front zipper, ensuring ease of use and a quick, comfortable fit.
  • FLEXI BACK PROTECTOR NAKED: The stripped-down version with a fully stretchable belt and shoulder strap. It offers back support, adjustability and versatility, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of body types in terms of height and weight.

If you continually push your limits and are looking for the highest level of protection and enhanced support, SHRED. NoShock Back Protectors are just what you need. Their honeycomb-cone-structured SLYTECH™ Foam provides the highest impact energy absorption performance (Level 2) and offers uncompromised comfort, flexibility, and ventilation. A 3-point belt also supports the lower back. Thanks to Shred's NoShock Back Protectors, you can feel strong, confident, stoked, and in control.

Optimize your protection without compromising comfort and agility with SHRED.'s protective gear. Our Protective Shorts and Flexi Elbow and Knee Pads Lite cater to skiers and snowboarders who seek superior protection with a barely-there feel. The unique SLYTECH™ Foam in our shorts and pads adapts seamlessly to your body, providing flexible, breathable, and lightweight protection. Combined with the durability of Armortex® fabric, this gear allows you to ski or ride with confidence, knowing you're safeguarded without being weighed down.

Experience the pinnacle of head protection with SHRED.'s ski and snowboard helmets, where advanced technology meets sleek design. Our helmets feature the SHRED. Rotational Energy System™, providing critical protection against rotational forces, and SHRED. Slytech™ Shock Absorption, safeguarding against linear impacts. This combination results in our innovative SHRED. Smart Impact Protection™, offering unrivaled protection without compromising style or comfort on the slopes.