Singletracks just dropped a killer review of our Brain Box NoShock helmet.

Freeride, downhill, or enduro—no matter how you like to get down, our Brain Box NoShock helmet boosts your confidence, protection, and style. For proof, look no further than Singletracks’ killer review of our iconic MTB helmet.

Singletracks praised the lid for providing “the most comfortable full face fit I have found to date” and noted that “apart from the sharp graphics, this helmet has a clean look and some well-designed features to keep your brain as safe as possible.” And according to Singletracks, “the view is spacious, easily accommodating the largest goggles I could find”.

Singletracks reveals that the Brain Box is in a league of its own when it comes to comfort and customization, “The swappable fit system gives the Brain Box a clear advantage over other helmets because you can truly make it work well for your head and face shape, which is no small feat.

Drop into the full review from Singletracks and check out the complete details on the helmet.