After struggling to find sunglasses that truly met our needs, we created them. Our Shred Boost sunglasses offer unrivaled clarity, contrast, and performance in optics built to endure the great outdoors. Made in Italy and paired with the finest lenses from Japan, these shades showcase a crisp appearance and unparalleled craftsmanship. We stand to create a new standard in optics, blending premium technology with designs that are as stylish as they are durable.



By making the colors and details that truly matter pop, our lenses amplify your experience and enable you to see nuances that would otherwise escape detection with a traditional lens. This stands to boost your confidence, safety, and ability to enjoy the moment. Thanks to Contrast Boosting Lens™, you can see more—and see better.

For the Contrast Boosting Lens™ technology used in our sunglasses, we developed a dye that is optimized for compatibility and performance with the high-grade urethane used to make our lenses. Especially versatile, this lens tint makes specific color ranges warmer and richer to ensure our sunglasses can truly handle all terrain and conditions.



Rather than embracing the status quo, we moved beyond it. In lieu of polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses, we use liquid-cast urethane lenses of the highest optical grade, which also offer the best impact resistance and durability. By liquid casting our lenses in glass molds, we ensure they’re free of distortion. In addition to offering crystal clear vision, urethane lenses are exceptionally light and provide excellent scratch and shatter resistance. Rather than making compromises, our lenses offer unrivaled performance.



The exterior of our frames provides a clean, streamlined appearance while on the frame’s interior sides, we’ve reduced the material used in areas subject to minimal stress and reinforced target areas for maximum durability. This significantly reduces the weight of our frames, and allows them to be extremely thin and flexible.
GRIP-ON™ pads on the nose and temple tips further enhance comfort and ensure the frames stay in place while you’re in motion.
And to lessen CO2 emissions, we make our frames with a specially formulated polyamide that is partially bio-based, as fifty-four percent of this polymer’s raw material comes from renewable resources (measured in accordance with the ASTM D6866 standard).