How do I replace my lens:

To remove the lens, gently pull the bottom of the frame that sits on the nose away from the lens. The plastic frame has rounded cutouts that match up and go into the notches in the lens (like puzzle pieces). When the frame and lens disconnect, you may hear a pop. Don’t be concerned, you are removing the lens correctly. Once you have disconnected the bottom of the frame from the lens, start disconnecting the sides and top until the lens is totally free from the frame.

Now to insert your fresh lens. First make sure that all protective films are removed, and that your hands are clean.



If you have the Simplify goggles, the assembly is much easier because this model has our “1-2-3 Shred Replacement System.” For this set-up you can watch our Simplify lens replacement video

Or follow the steps below:

1.Grab either side of the goggle with your pointer fingers bracing the side of the frame - and your thumbs settled on the front of the lens: Push down and forward until you hear a click.

2.Go to the opposite side with both hands - pointer fingers bracing the side of the frame, and your thumbs settled on the front of the lens. Push down and forward until you hear a click

  1. Lastly, grab the goggles from the front and squeeze until the lens is flush with the frame in all areas.

HEADS UP! Be careful to not touch the inner lens during the replacement procedure, this will ruin   the anti-fog treatment. We recommend that you place your SHRED microfiber bag over the inner lens.


All Other Models:

For all other models, hold the lens with one hand and the goggle frame in the other. Align the nose of the lens with the nose of the frame, and insert the lens into the nose chanel only. You will notice the notches in the lens will match up with the cutouts in the frame and click into each other (like puzzle pieces). Then slowly work your way around the frame inserting the lens into the channel; first on one of the sides, then the opposite, and lastly the top.

It’s always good to carry your goggle bag or a cloth in your jacket to do a final polish- Don’t be a Jerry, and don’t wipe your goggles with your gloves, jacket or any other rough material.

HEADS UP! Be careful to not touch the inner lens during the replacement procedure, this will ruin   the anti-fog treatment. We recommend that you place your SHRED microfiber bag over the inner lens.


The inside of my lens is completely soaked, what do I do?

Did you send it a little too hard? Or just simply drop your goggles into the snow? Snow or water collected on the inside of your lens will create fogging and blurry vision. Follow the steps below to see better again.

First heads-up! We coat the inner lens with an anti-fog spray, if you rub the inner lens surface when wet you will wipe all of it off, and ruin your lens. Easy does it, simple patting and patience will save you from buying another lens.

  1. Shake all the big stuff out vigorously; up, down and side to side. Make sure all the vent ports are clear.
  2. Use your clean goggle bag or micro fiber cloth topat the excess moisture out. Do not use under any circumstances anything rough like gloves, paper towels, jacket sleeves,  or that soft thumb extension from your jacket that’s caked with sunscreen and/or french fry grease, etc…
  3. Patience is a virtue, let the rest dry out in the open air. Take this time to visualize your line again so you can stick it.
  4. Airflow is key for the final touch. Put your goggles back on right before you’re about to ski or ride your run. Putting them on while sitting or hiking won’t promote drying and can cause immediate fogging.


My lenses keep fogging:

Always make sure to dry out your goggles in the open at room temperature after each day of use.  If it was especially wet that day, we recommend that you remove the lenses (see how do I replace my lenses) and have them sit and dry next to your frames. The goal is to completely dry every piece of the goggles.

If fogging persists the anti-fog may have been removed by improper handling of the inner lens, or use in excess moisture. Buying a replacement lens would be the final solution.


How do I clean my Lenses? & I have these white spots on the inner lens

Dirt, dust, and moisture can create havoc on the materials used in our lenses and can really hinder your vision.

If you have dust, spots, or any type of impurity on your lenses we recommend that you remove them from the frame (See how to replace my lens), and run them under room temperature bottled water  and let it dry out in the open air.  We do not recommend running your goggles through the washing machine or dishwasher.

If the spots don’t disappear, gather up the following materials from your kitchen:

  • Measuring cup
  • Teaspoon
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Goggle bag
  1. Mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) of detergent with 1 & 1/4 Cup of water (300ml).
  2. Take a soft cloth or your SHRED goggle bag and dip it in the detergent mix.
  3. Gently wipe the area with water spots
  4. Run the same cloth or goggle bag under clean water, and wipe off the lens a few times.
  5. Let the lens dry out in the open for 40 minutes.


How do I change my goggle strap:

All Shred goggles can have their straps changed. The Simplify goggles have a wider strap than other Shred models. So, Simplify straps can only been interchanged among other Simplify goggles.

To replace Simplify goggle straps please follow the instructions below. You will need a small flathead screwdriver (preferably in plastic)

All other model goggles can have their straps interchanged.

To change your goggle strap, first know that the goggle frame is very flexible. Don’t be afraid of breaking your goggles through this process.

The easiest way to remove the strap is to take the upper corners of the strap (on either side of the goggle) and push the corner through the slit in the frame. You can use your fingers to pull the frame away from strap to make the slit opening bigger. Once the corner of the strap has passed through the frame, continue to pull the strap all the way out of the frame. To insert the strap, take the upper corner of the strap and work it into the slit in the frame the same way you removed it. Continue to work the strap into the frame until it is fully inserted. Make sure you reassemble the strap in the same position you disassembled it, so it isn’t upside down, inside out, or in the wrong side of the frame… unless that’s the look you’re going for.


Which lens should I get? | What does VLT% mean?

Variable light conditions can really affect how much fun you’re having. When the light changes, you want to make sure you’re prepared with the appropriately tinted lenses.  Each lens has a Visual Light Transmission, or VLT, percentage unit that describes how much light the lens will allow through to your eyes. The higher the VLT percentage, the more light goes through (great for dark conditions), the lower the percentage the less light goes through (great for bright conditions). The VLT percentages are further simplified under 5 subcategories:
S0= Night Skiing or Riding
S1= Dark and overcast. Everything is gray! Or early morning or late afternoon
S2= Variable sun, in and out clouds. In and out shadows
S3= Sunny
S4= High altitude sunny, glacier skiing or riding.


Do I get to pick my bonus lens?

Bonus lenses come pre-packaged with the goggles. If you let us know what model and color goggle you are interested in, we are happy to let you know what bonus lens comes with that goggle.


What’s the difference between a Single Lens and Double Lens?

Single lenses are the classic most cost effective option, mainly used by ski racers. The product is a single sheet of polycarbonate with a  single colour tint, they have a  slightly shorter lifespan than the double lens, and are only available in cylindrical form. Double lenses are more durable, have more color variations, and have stronger anti-fog properties. They are 2 different sheets of polycarbonate connected together by a foam spacer. The outside lens takes on the elements while the middle space serves as a thermal shield to ward off fogging.


What’s the difference between Cylindrical Lenses and Spherical Lenses?

Simply put,  cylindrical lenses are made from a flat sheet of polycarbonate, and have a flattened look in the frame. Spherical lenses are a rounded lens for a 3D look . The curved design of spherical lenses (on the Stupefy, Smartefy and Mini models) allows light to travel directly to the eye from any direction; the angles created by a traditional flat lens can cause inconsistent light refraction that strains eyes & skews perception. However Shred’s carved cylindrical lenses (on Amazify and Simplify models) have a slightly tapered form to give you the look you want without compromising your vision.


Do SHRED replacement lenses fit in other brand goggles?

No, SHRED replacement lenses only fit in SHRED goggles.


Are SHRED replacement lenses interchangeable between models?

No, you must buy a lens model specific to your frame model. Additionally, competitor lenses will not fit in any SHRED goggle.


How do I increase the life of my lenses (Sunglasses or Goggles)

Never lay, or sit your lenses in an exposed position risking to fall down on any surface, as this will cause scratches. Sweat, sunscreen (especially sprayed), makeup and hairspray can ruin lens coatings and cause them to spot and peel if left on the lens for a period of time. Gently rinse your lens off with water to remove the residue.




Which of your helmets are FIS RH approved?

All of our hard ear helmets (Basher, Basher NoShock, Basher Ultimate, Mega Brain Bucket RH) are FIS RH approved.


Can I get a replacement goggle clip for my helmet?

Absolutely, we are happy to send a replacement goggle clip to you. Please let us know what model and color helmet you have, plus your shipping address, and we will get a replacement out to you as soon as possible.


How long can I use my helmet?

Helmets that have not been used in a crash typically last up to 3 seasons, however varying degrees of use can change their lifespan. It is best to store the helmet in the provided helmet cover/case in a cool, dry, and untouched state (aka not under heavy objects, squished in the attic between skis, etc). At the beginning of the season and periodically throughout the season, it is best to evaluate your helmet. Look for any damage on the inside and outside of the helmet, such as cracks, deep scratches, dents, faded color on the exterior of the helmet, broken foam on the inside of the helmet, etc. If there is any sign of breakdown in the helmet, it is best practice to replace it. If the helmet seems to be intact and has not been in a crash, your helmet can be worn on the slopes.

Helmets should always be replaced after a crash in which it was used. Even if the helmet does not seem to be damaged on the outside, the helmet could be internally damaged (unfortunately there is no way to determine if there is internal damage short of cutting the helmet in half).


What are the main differences between each helmet?

We use certain wording to categorize our helmet  models simply. Just refer to the list below to understand:

NoShock: These helmets will have our Slytech NoShock  technology  integrated with the EPP or EPS foam inside the helmet (Depending on the model). Slytech NoShock’s impact recovery properties provide superior  impact absorption.

Ultimate:These helmets will have Casidion nanotech foam as its liner instead of the traditional EPP or EPS foam.

Base: These helmets will have dual density EPS foam, and must be replaced after an incident or impact.

D-Lux:The main difference between the two half brain models is that the D-Lux will have RES , and the regular Half Brain won’t.


Do you have a crash replacement program?

Yes we do, and you may be eligible for a discount code. Please report your crash, along with a proof of purchase towarranty@anomalysports.com


Can I paint my helmet?

We don’t  recommend paints or solvents of any kind be used on the helmets. They can damage a helmet so that its protective capabilities are significantly reduced.


Can I remove my ear pads from my soft-ear helmet?

Yes, all of our soft ear helmets have removable earpads, equipped with  simple velcro tabs, and a plastic insert. Make sure to unstick the 2 velcro tabs first and then pull on the plastic arm that connects the ear to the helmet. The material around the fit wheel is also velcroed, just pull and unstick.


Which helmets are compatible with a chinguard?

All our helmets except for the Slam Cap are compatible with our chinguards. Half Chinguards go with the Bumpers, and Half Brains. The Mega  Chinguards go with the Bashers.


Which backprotector should I get?

We use certain wording to categorize our back protector models simply. Just refer to the list below to understand: 

Naked: Minimalist belt and shoulder straps (all removable).
Lite: Mesh coat around the foam to help with odor control, and extra breathability.
Vest: Just like a shirt, our most integrated system made for ease and extra warmth.
Mini: XS and XXS sizes for the young bloods.
  • First time wearing a backprotector? We recommend that you go as simple as possible with the Flexi Vest or the Back Protector Flexi Lite, allowing for maximum flexibility and comfort.
  • Hitting the park, urban, or cliff gallery on a daily basis? We recommend you go a little more heavy duty with the Back Protector NoShock Naked, Lite, or Vest. All the NOSHOCK backprotectors will have the same protective material- they will just vary in how you wear them.
  • I got a need for speed! The Back Protector NoShock Naked is your best choice, worn by our entire World Cup team, the naked provides the most minimalist and heavy duty option for racers.
  • I’m under 12 years old Protect your back from the beginning, the vest flexi mini is the perfect entry level back protector.


          Washing instructions for my Back Protector:

          For most of our VEST and LITE models, the foam protection piece can be removed. There is a slit in the fabric on the lower back of the vest underneath the point where the belt connects to the back protector. Peel the belt off of the back protector and pull the foam out of the slit in the fabric. On the VEST FLEXI the slit in the fabric on the lower back is inside the vest rather than outside.

          The black fabric can either be cleaned with a sponge or soft cloth or it can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with mild detergent. Lay the fabric flat to air dry (do not put it in the dryer).

          For back protectors that have the black fabric over the foam without the zip out option (BACK PROTECTOR NOSHOCK LITE, VEST FLEXI MINI, VEST ONE, VEST ONE MINI), take a sponge or soft cloth and gently pat the back protector with warm water and mild soap. Either pat the back protector with a cloth or set it in a spot out of direct sunlight to dry.


          Washing instructions for my jacket or shorts:

          For JACKETS (both long and short), the foam protection pieces can not be removed from the fabric. The best method to clean the JACKET is to spot wash it. Use a sponge or soft cloth and gently pat the JACKET with warm water and mild soap. Either pat the JACKET with a cloth or set it in a spot out of direct sunlight to dry.

          For SHORTS and PANTS, remove the foam pieces from the slits in the fabric. Lay the foam pieces out in the order you remove them, so you remember where to replace them. The fabric can either be spot cleaned with a soft cloth and warm soapy water or it can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with mild detergent. Lay the fabric flat to air dry (do not put it in the dryer).


          My Slytech is stiff & uncomfortable

          Slytech 2nd skin and NoShock can become very rigid when exposed to cold temperatures for long periods of time. It’s like your boots, don’t leave them outside in the cold before you go riding.  Make sure to put on the product at room temperature and then your body heat will keep it pliable while you’re outside. Do not try to bend it into mobility while its cold, as this may cause the product to break.



          Is a junior small the same as an adult small?

          Yes, across our entire line a size small  will have the same fit whether it’s an Adult Small or a Junior (mini) Small.


          How do I size myself for  a helmet?

          Watch our fit video with Ted Ligety. You can also print our head measuring tape and refer to the helmet sizing chart under every helmet’s description.  Lastly you can also follow the instructions below:

          First you will need to grab a measuring tape, preferably a cloth one, and stand in front of a mirror.

          Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around the widest part of your head, which is typically 1-2 cm or 0.5in above your eyebrows and your ears. Make sure not to pull it too tight, you want it to fit snug, like you would a helmet. If you have creases in the tape then it’s too loose.

          Once you found the magic number, just take the tape off your head and check your size. All of our size charts have both Metric and Imperial units to correspond to your alphabetical size. Make sure to take several measurements until you find the largest one. 

          Keep in mind that all of our helmets can be customized further to get you into that perfect fit; From fit-wheels to replaceable padding. The above measurements will also correspond to our goggle size charts.

          If you’re in between sizes it is best to round up to the larger one.


          Did I get the right size Helmet?

          To check if you got the right size once you receive your helmet, place the helmet on your head and buckle the chinstrap. We recommend that you also put your goggles to check the perfect fit. 

          Too small: Which can be easily indicated by being too uncomfortable. It can also be tested when the helmet sits too high on your head, and could be easily swiveled/rolled off the front of your face. To adjust the fit on your particular Shred helmet please follow the instructions underCan I adjust a helmet’s fit.

          Too big: If you can easily move the helmet around your head, or there is an open space between your forehead/cheeks and the padding. A little bit of resistance as you pull the helmet on is good, no resistance is usually a good indicator that the helmet is too big. To adjust the fit on your particular Shred helmet please follow the instructions below underCan I adjust a helmet’s fit. 

          Just Right: If the helmet is snug and cannot be easily displaced by your hands then you’re good to go!


          Can I adjust a helmet’s fit?

          Yes you can, all of our helmets will come with spare pads and/or customisable fit wheels for you to refine the helmet’s fit. Please see our tip below: 

          For Bumpers, Slam Caps, Half Brains, and Short Stacks:The fit wheel on the back of the helmet should be able to customize the size for most users, but for those that want to take their customization a step further, flip the helmet over so you are looking inside the back of the helmet. Follow the plastic arms of the fit wheel to where the system clips into the back center or on the sides of the helmet. From these points you can unbutton the wheel and move the it up/down or backwards/forward based on your preference. Buttoning the the wheel higher generally moves the helmet further back on the head to accommodate larger goggles. Buttoning the wheel lower helps to fitting smaller goggles.

          Some helmets will also come with spare thick and thin liner padding to loosen or tighten the fit. Just replace the corresponding pads with each other by simply pulling and detaching the velcro anchor points.  To switch out the forehead and back-of-the-head pads just pull and replace them. The forehead pad should have the temple flanges facing downwards. To switch out the top pad, just pull and replace. The end with the longer flange should be pointing to the forehead.

          For Bashers (Mini, Base, NoShock, Ultimate):

          Each Basher will come with a custom fit kit, containing the following:

          • X1 left & x1 right thick earpad
          • X1 Thick forehead pad
          • X1 Thick pad for the back of the head
          • X1 Thick pad for the top of the head

          The helmet will come preset with thin pads inside.

          To switch out the earpads, just pull the ear out and replace it with its corresponding piece, The longer edge of the pad goes towards the back of the helmet.

          To switch out the forehead and back-of-the-head pads just simply pull them and replace them. The forehead pad should have the temple flanges facing downwards.

          To switch out the top pad, just pull and replace. The end with the longer flange should be pointing to the forehead.


          How do I fit a pair of goggles?

          All Shred goggles are designed to fit in any Shred helmet. However, the best fit is achieved when you select a goggle model that corresponds with the size of your helmet. For example, the Amazify goggle fits in all helmets (size small to XL), but they fit best in medium and large helmets. There is a sizing chart at the bottom of each goggle model page that has information on which helmet size the goggle fits best in.


          How do I fit my backprotector?

          Watch our video with Ted Ligety, or follow the instructions below.

          To measure yourself, you will need a measuring tape, and a friend. Our size chart has the W-S length terminology in it, which means waist to shoulder length. In essence we are measuring vertical coverage. 

          Measure from your shoulder to your hipbone.

          This measurement should give you your W-S length, then you can compare it to the size chart.

          If you are in between sizes it is usually best to size down. Keep in mind you don’t want the product to wedge between your neck if you crane your head back (Freeriders flipping, or Racers tucking).


          What does “W-S” measurement stand for?

          W-S is the waist to shoulder measurement. The length from your hip bone up to your shoulder bone.


          The waist strap on my backprotector is too big or too small.

          You can purchase compatible waist straps in different sizes here:https://shredoptics.com/shop/apparel-accessories/spare-3-points-belt/


          What Shinguard size should I get?

          From our size small for kids to the Pro size for the taller Shredders, there are plenty of variables to consider when you’re picking your shinguards. Sizing your shinguards can be very preferential. 

          All of our shinguards have their lengths described in their info pages, which you should mimic with a tape measure to know how much of your lower leg needs to be covered.

          Simply measure from the top of your kneecap to your inside ankle bone. And compare it to the shin guard lengths, subtract 1 inch (or 2.5 cm) from your shin length for the shinguard to cover your cuff (upper section of the boot) buckles and subtract 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) if you want your upper buckles uncovered.

          A few things to take into consideration:

          • Do you get bruising on the outside of your knee? Make sure to measure with your leg extended and slightly higher than your knee cap.
          • Are the buckles on your cuffs constantly breaking or coming undone? Then you may want to consider a longer shinguard. 
          • Some like the PRO length which come with a small bumper to help deflect the gate further away from the ski, and prevent wedging between your cuff and the sole of your boot.
          • Are you  just skiing stubbies for next season?  Then stick with the smaller guard, and upgrade when you hit the bigger leagues. No need to restrict yourself with an oversized product.


          Can I cut or modify my shinguards?

          We try to make our product as customisable as possible, you will notice on the inside, at the bottom of the guard there are marked channels that allow easy cutting for length adjustment.  Just bring your guards to an authorized SHRED dealer or contact us atinfo@anomalysports.com with your location and we will guide you from there.


          What Size forearm guards should I get?

          Forearm guard fitting is very subjective. For example a smaller athlete at 5’6”/167cm may prefer the large guard that fits under the gloves and sticks out of the elbow a little more. Compared to a different 6’2’’/188cm athlete that may prefer something more minimal in a size small. So we recommend that you take a measuring tape, measure the desired coverage area in length, and compare it to the guard length in the product’s description.  A couple things to take into consideration:

          • Do your elbows bruise easily? Make sure to measure with your arm extended and measure passed the elbow towards the edge of the tricep.
          • Don’t wear Slytech Gloves/Mitts? Our race gloves and mitts come with a specialized flange that ergonomically fits with our guards, allowing your wrists to move more freely. If you wear a different brand, make sure to measure with your wrist cocked up, and start  to measure about 1”/2.5cm up from the crease.



            How do I initiate a warranty claim?

            If the product was bought within a year, email us atwarranty@anomalysports.com with a picture of the claim, the entire product (Pictures from all sides), copy of the proof of purchase. If the claim is accepted we will prompt you to send the defective product to AAS.


            My warranty claim needs to be rushed, I need my claim processed asap!

            No problem, please email us atwarranty@anomalysports.com with a picture of the claim, the entire product  (Pictures from all sides), and a copy of the proof of purchase. We will reply shortly with an assessment. If accepted, you will be advised to purchase the replacement product. You can then send your claimed product at your leisure, and we will refund your purchase once we receive and accept the claimed product. We will also refund up to $10 for shipping.


            Who do I contact for repair requests?

            Just emailwarranty@anomalysports.com with your repair request, your country of origin, date of purchase and we will initiate the process. Products under warranty will be repaired for free, otherwise the cost associated with repair will be listed below.


            What if the product can’t be repaired?

            If the item is unrepairable, we will perform a warranty assessment.


            What if my warranty is rejected? Or if I want my unrepairable item back?

            We will contact you for a 10$  payment for return shipping.


            How long does a repair take?

            Excluding shipping time, a repair can take up to 10 business days.


            My lenses got scratched, can you replace them for me?

            All of our customers are responsible for their product’s care, and this includes lens protection. Of course if the product came scuffed, scratched, or damaged out of the box than we can initiate the warranty process.


            My shinguard straps are getting really worn out. Can you fix them?

            Yes we can depending on your location! Guards that are no longer within our warranty period can be repaired for $20.  Just emailwarranty@anomalysports.com to initiate the process.


            My sunglass temple (or arm) broke.

            We may have a replacement in stock to replace it. We can either replace it for you, or ship you the part so you can do it yourself. Specialty sized flathead screwdrivers are required to replace the temple. Temples that are no longer within our warranty period can be repaired for $20.


            Can I get a replacement goggle clip for my helmet?

            Absolutely, we are happy to send a replacement goggle clip to you. Please let us know what model and color helmet you have, plus your shipping address, and we will get a replacement out to you as soon as possible for free.


            My helmet strap broke, can you fix it?

            Unfortunately we cannot repair any components of your chinstrap on your helmet as this could affect the safety of our products.


            My Fortress Race  gloves or mitts are all torn up.

            Torn race glove and mitts will not be accepted under warranty as this falls under normal wear and tear.


            The mesh on my knee pads/elbow pads tore.

            Knee and elbow pads with torn meshes are accepted under our 1 year warranty. Pads outside the warranty window will not be repaired or replaced.


            How can I become Sponsored:

            We welcome all peer group leaders from all facets of our industry to apply; from mountain guides to junior stars. Please send an introductory email to our Team Manager, Mark, atmark@anomalysports.com. Include your resume, links to competition results (if competing), videos or pics of your skills, why did you choose us, and any other information you would like us to review.

            We appreciate it if you fulfill the above information in it's entirety so Mark can thoroughly review your file.


            How can I rep or work at Shred?

            We strive to empower all athletes to push their limits and simply have fun. This mantra is deeply rooted from the ground up within our family. If you think you share the same love for our mountains and have the same drive for innovation, please contact us with your resume:info@anomalysports.com


            Can I get stickers?

            Yes you absolutely can! Just send a self addressed envelope to the address below:

            Anomaly Action Sports srl
            Viale Ancona 26
            Venezia, VE 30172


            Do you offer charitable donations?

            Being athlete born and bred we are always interested in any opportunities to help our industry and culture flourish. All nonprofits that share our passion for mountain sports are welcome to inquire viainfo@anomalysports.com




            Does Shred offer exchanges?

            We sure do. Please be sure the item you wish to exchange is unused with all of the original packaging and tags. To initiate an exchange, please call or email your customer service representative (https://shredoptics.com/contact-us/) Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Please note that we can only ship your exchange once we’ve received the unwanted item.


            What is your return policy?

            We are happy to accept returns on all products, except for Final Sale items. Returnable products must be unused with all of the original packaging and tags. Please contact customer service atinfo@shredoptics.com within 30 days of purchasing the item(s) you wish to return. Return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer.


            I ordered the wrong size, what do I do now?

            Please call or email your customer service representative (https://shredoptics.com/contact-us/) to coordinate an exchange. Return shipping is the responsibility of the consumer.

            SHIPPING INFO

            How long will it take for my order to arrive?

            Delivery times can vary depending on the shipping method selected at checkout and the destination of your package. If you selected our ground shipping option, please note that it can take up to 5 business days to arrive.  We do offer faster shipping options. You can find the shipping rates under our Shipping Rates page

            Also, please be aware that weather, shipping holidays, peak shipping seasons and incorrect billing information can delay the shipment of your order.


            What are your Shipping Rates?

            Shipping Method

            Under $100

            Over $100

            Over $200

            Over $300






            2 Day Air










            Can I ship Internationally?

            At the moment we only ship to North America and Europe.  For customers outside of these regions please contact your national distributor. They can be found on our Dealers & Distributors pagehttps://shredoptics.com/dealers/


            How do I track my order?

            You will be emailed the tracking number shortly after your order ships. To track your package, follow the tracking link in your email or input your tracking number into the carrier’s website.


            Where do I apply my promo code?

            Promo codes are applied in your checkout cart. To enter the code, locate the green “apply coupon” button that is below your product list. Enter your coupon code to the left of the green “apply coupon” button and then hit the green button.


            It says my discount code doesn’t exist, or cannot be applied.

            There may be certain restrictions on the code, just contact us through the “ask us” panel and we should be able to sort out the issue quickly.


            Is my promo code cap sensitive?



            Can I be notified when something comes back in stock?

            Unfortunately at this time it is beyond our capabilities to have specific customer notifications. However we will send out emails to our mailing list subscribers on hot items coming back into stock, just subscribe here.


            I saw a product somewhere else, but can’t find it here?

            This product could either be out of date or from the future. If you don’t have a time machine, please just reach out to us with a snapshot or a short description to info@anomalysports.com and our team can easily identify them.