Simply put, our factories are partners in progression. Whether pioneering fresh technology, working to minimize their impact on the environment, or continuing a rich tradition of craftsmanship, they are true leaders. We’ve worked closely with many of these factories since SHRED.’s inception. Our strong relationships and a shared commitment to collaboration enable us to continually strengthen and refine our products. And thanks to our hands-on approach, we’re able to ensure every product we make meets our exceptionally high standards.

Through the years, our factories have emerged as some of our greatest allies and advocates. They truly understand the essence of our brands and love our independent approach and strong commitment to innovation. Consequently, they’re always eager to develop new concepts and technology that can make our products even better. They share our passion and sense of purpose. And they firmly believe in our products. We’re humbled and honored to share our journey with them.

Goggles | OGK

Located in Qingdao, China
Founded in 2005
SHRED. supplier since 2009
Ski, snowboard, and MTB goggles and spare lenses

Our Story Together

The factory that produces our goggles is known for its deep commitment to innovation. It’s no wonder it crafts the finest goggles in the game. We’re continually amazed by its ability to transform our designs into a reality. And through the years, its team has done this while reducing its environmental impact and continually improving working conditions. Because the factory handles all aspects of the production process, it’s been an essential advocate and ally in our efforts to focus more heavily on ecologically conscious design. Whether producing frames, rigs and adjusters with material reclaimed from production scraps or creating goggle straps that use a percentage always higher in plastic recycled from water bottles, the team has been instrumental in helping us reimagine the future. When not collaborating on fresh ideas, we’re likely bowling with the crew or playing ping pong or basketball. To say the least, everyone on the team has some serious skills.

Helmets | Strategic Sports

Located in Dongguan, China
Founded in 1991
SHRED. supplier since 2009
Ski, snowboard, and MTB helmets

Our Story Together

As the most advanced helmet manufacturer in the world, Strategic Sports produces helmets for almost any activity. Thanks to its owners’ wealth of experience, incredible skills, and vision for the future, this factory has enabled us to bring to life products and ideas that were previously believed to be impossible. Simply put, Strategic’s deep commitment to pushing boundaries has been essential in strengthening our ability to innovate. Its amazing team of experienced engineers and workers can transform an idea into a prototype in just a few short hours, which greatly accelerates the pace of innovation. Andfrom start to finish, Strategic handles all aspects of the production process. The company’s focus on progression shapes every aspect of its operations, as it works relentlessly to improve production quality, enhance working conditions, and reduce its environmental impact. Armed with a slew of sophisticated testing equipment, its in-house lab also enables us to readily experiment with new materials and concepts in order to continually strengthen and refine our helmet collection. This lab also tests every single batch of our helmets before they leave the factory. 

Shock Absorbing Foams

Located in Taiwan
Founded in 1970
SHRED. supplier since 2012
Shock absorbing components for our ski, snowboard, and MTB body protectors, as well as our protective backpacks and ski and snowboard gloves

Our Story Together

In 2010, we began looking for a new shock absorbing material, as we were starting to the see the limitations of the PU foam that we had been using. Despite our extensive research and meetings with numerous factories, we kept coming up empty-handed. And then, suddenly, our luck changed when we found the perfect partner for developing the perfect material. After three years of continual testing and experimentation with this new partner in Taiwan, we developed the Slytech™ Foam, a material that has given rise to endless opportunities. From back protection to knee pads, it’s as versatile as it is dependable. We’ve worked relentlessly with the factory to improve the material, its shape, and how we produce it. Since partnering with this factory, we’ve come to admire its approach to innovation more and more each year. We love collaborating with its team to fuel progression and envision fresh applications for the materials we’ve created.

Body Protectors Sewing | Feng Diann Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan
Founded in 1992
SHRED. supplier since 2011
Ski, snowboard, and MTB body protectors

Our Story Together

We’re honored to work with Feng Diann and its owner, Mr. Shi Zong Hsu, to bring our protective equipment to life. Feng Diann is a small family business located in the middle of Taiwan and its employees have as much pride in our products as we do. They cut, sew, and stitch premium fabrics and components to transform the foam technology we’ve created into complete masterpieces that offer unrivaled safety and protection. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality truly shows. Our visits to the factory are a source of inspiration and innovation, as we work alongside the team at Feng Diann to fine tune each and every detail of our products and the production process. Time and time again, this has helped us refine our products to ensure they’re the best on the market. This close collaboration has even given rise to completely new products that we couldn’t envision without the team’s insights and assistance. And when not talking shop, we simply love spending time with everyone at Feng Diann—and eating the incredible treats and tropical fresh fruit they generously share.

Hardshell protection | Lian Yu Sporting Goods

Located in Dongguan, China
Founded in 2003
SHRED. supplier since 2010
Ski racing hardshell protection

Our Story Together

Strange though it seems, the factory that produces our hard shell protection for ski racing—Lian Yu Sporting Goods—got its start crafting wetsuits for surfing. Thanks to a slew of premium stitching machines and a visionary owner—Mr. Alex Lin—its team of highly skilled technicians and workers has gradually expanded the factory’s product range. Through the years, Lian Yu has developed a sophisticated network of partners that supply the best injection molded parts in the game—including our carbon fiber reinforced shells. The factory’s reliability and exceptionally high standards for quality have made it an essential partner in developing and refining our ski racing protective equipment.

Gloves | Factory

Located in Yingkou, China
Founded in 2008
SHRED. supplier since 2016
Ski and snowboard gloves

Our Story Together

Located in the beautiful Yingkou area, the factory that crafts our gloves has built its reputation on a commitment to quality and innovation. Its team has a wealth of experience, which it uses to continually refine our products and develop new ideas. We’re proud to be working with such a great partner.