SHRED. Ski & Snowboard Helmets

Whether you’re on the snow or in the dirt, SHRED. helmets offer exceptional protection and a superb fit. To minimize the effects of impacts and to inspire confidence, our helmets showcase industry-leading technology, including RES Rotational Energy System™, Slytech NoShock™, and Casidion™.

They’re also designed to complement our goggles, creating a seamless interface that looks as good as it performs. And with helmets for skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, we’ve got you covered year-round.

Ski & Snowboard Helmets Collection

Basher Black - Ski-Snowboard Helmets


Rotational Energy System™ | Rotational Protection

The Rotational Energy System™ patent pending system minimizes the effects of rotational accelerations to the head on impact by allowing a relative rotation of the helmet on the head.

Casidion™ | Ultra Thin Linear Protection

Through a partnership with the Italian engineered materials company Alia Mentis, we’ve developed helmet liners that use Casidion™ to aid in dissipating forces. Casidion™ is an acrylic self-healing foam infused with carbon nanostructures that dissipates impact energy more efficiently in a smaller volume. It allows us to greatly reduce the thickness of the impact liner to shed weight and eliminate bulk while still providing extraordinary energy absorption in repeated impact scenarios.

Slytech Noshock™ | Linear Protection

The patent pending Slytech NoShock™ technology is a honeycomb cone structure integrated within the core of the impact energy absorption element. Slytech NoShock™ further increases the shock absorption efficiency of traditional EPS and EPP foam liners, reducing the transference of energy of impact to the head providing higher structural strength and dissipating impact forces multi-directionally.