Yukiguni: a Short Film by Antti Autti

December 16, 2019 1 min read

Yukiguni: a short film by Antti Autti and Iisakki Kennilä

Riding powder is a magical experience. For proof, check out Yukiguni, the latest film from SHRED. team rider Antti Autti and filmmaker Iisakki Kennilä.

To capture the beauty and joy of riding pow, the duo headed to Minamiuonuma, Japan—a place where the snow is especially deep. And while they found plenty of powder, their time in the mountains was not without its challenges. According to Antti, “In Minamiuonuma, it snows more than any other place I’ve ever been and the snow has this moist texture to it. It feels heavy at times and since we make a lot of follow cams and other moving camera angles, this created a lot of challenges. In the end though, it was exactly this special feeling of snowfall that created the unique vibe in this film.”

Soulful and original, Yukigunicaptures the essence of riding powder. Enjoy the film . . . and pray for snow.