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Over the next couple months we’re proud to announce we’ll be giving away some SHRED swag, which includes this:

And a little bit of this:



And some of this:



And some of this:




Keep an eye out for contest announcements and entertain us with some sweet submissions. We can’t wait to share the wealth and spread some of our sunnies around. Get on it and get yours!


Instagram Contest Terms and Conditions:

•       Participants must be a fan of the Shred and Slytech Instagram
accounts to be a participant in the “#shredswaggrab #fromthecore contest”. However, accepting you as a fan
is at the sole discretion of AAS inc and no correspondence in this regard
shall be entertained. Corporate, Agencies, employees of AAS, its business
associates and their immediate family members are not allowed to take part
in this Contest
•       Full contest rules can be found on our blog at and
will be clearly posted before and throughout the duration of the “#shredswaggrab
#fromthecore” contest
1. By entering the Contest, you agree to the Contest Terms and Conditions
listed below.
2. The Contest is open to all applicants who reside in the United States,
aged 13-18 years and older with parent or guardian permission, and all
applicants 18 years and older. If these requirements are met, the applicant
is an “Eligible Entrant” – If a winner does not provide a valid US address
to claim prizes, our subjective 2nd place winner will be awarded the prize
3. The Contest starts at 5pm EST on July 24, 2013 and ends July 31, 2013.
4. The judging process will take place immediately following the end of the
contest and is based upon the discretion of those judging
5. Your Instagram profile settings must be PUBLIC and the eligible photo
must be tagged:

@shredoptics #fromthecore @slytechprotect #gotmyback #shredswaggrab

6. Threatening, dangerous, or abusive content is not permitted, and those
entries will be disqualified. No spam or unlawful content is permitted. All
content must comply with Instagram terms of use.
7. The contest is free of charge, and the entrant may submit up to 3 entries, as long as each entry is different.
8. If you are awarded a prize and are unable to claim your prize, there is
no in place compensation. The giveaways are non-transferable and cannot be
redeemed for cash. Prizes will be shipped to “Eligible Entrant” immediately
with costs for standard shipping covered by AAS.
9. This AAS Instagram Contest is dependent on skill, and chance plays no
part in the judging process. The judging is subjective, and will be
evaluated based upon our vision.
10.  The winners will be notified via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email,
and/or on our website sometime after the close of the festival July 31, 2013.
11. The entrant agrees to all Instagram terms and conditions listed here.