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Half Brain Shred with ICEdot

Ripping around in the Andes, ICEdot associate, Rusty Perry, urged Shredder Marcus Caston to check out ICEdot Crash Sensor technology. From the spark of that conversation and inspired by the passion that brought them together in the mountains of Chile, Shred and ICEdot began their collaboration on Shred with ICEdot helmet technology.

ICEdot CEO, Chris Zenthoefer and Shred Co-Founder, Carlo Salimini, merged their visions and their products to create what will be the next generation of safety technology. Together, they enabled skiers and riders to push their own boundaries of performance and imagination. Shred and ICEdot have created an innovative technology to protect riders from the edge of the envelope.

With focus on athletes, experience and forward thinking, Shred provides an unconventional approach to product development and maintain an unparalleled dedication to safety and advanced technology. We are proud to partner with ICEdot and create something truly revolutionary.


The next generation of skier and rider safety for the next generation athlete.


We make the products of our dreams, with our passion, love and know-how.