Slytech CARBON SHIN GUARDS from Shred provide unmatched shin protection and gate clearing speed for ski racing. They feature SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON advanced composite material and NOFRICTION PTFE technology to minimize friction, as well as SLYGRIP FOAM to keep the guard in place.

Tech Specs+-

  • STRAPS WIDTH - 18mm
  • COLORS - Black and White
  • LENGTH - 38cm [M size] /42cm [L size] /43 cm [PRO size]


  • SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON - Combines carbon fiber technology with our SLYTECH SHIELD material to obtain extraordinarily durable, lightweight and stiff shells, without the chipping of traditional carbon
  • NOFRICTION PTFE - SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON features NOFRICTION PTFE technology that drastically reduces friction between the gate and the guard. The embedded PTFE in the blend lubricates the impact with the gate and boosts speed
  • SLYTECH MULTI DN technology with ribs designed to boost gate-clearing speed by limiting the contact surface and minimizing energy absorption on impact
  • The shell's ANATOMICAL SHAPE gives the comfortable and perfect shinguard and forearmguard fit
  • SLYGRIP FOAM is made with ARIAPRENE, provides superior grip onto the arms and legs so the guard stays in place. It is also a non-toxic, and recyclable alternative to synthetic rubber
  • Our shin guards with PRO DEFLECT TECH are designed to offer earlier impact with the gate and to re-direct the gate away from the tip of the skis. Available only on PRO size

In The Box+-

Info manual, Slytech sticker

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