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We are proud to welcome new family member Henrik Harlaut to the team as we continue to find unique and innovative technologies and materials to further protect all action sports enthusiasts. We are committed to furthering the use and quality of impact protection by relentless innovation through high technology. That commitment to innovation is driven in large part to the foresight of our athletes and engineers, and the interaction they share. Harlaut has constantly been at the forefront of freeski innovation, and he is an amazing addition to an already incredibly deep team including Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Duncan Adams, Joe Schuster, Lolo Favre, JL Ratchel, Lupe Hagearty, Oscar Scherlin, and the Real Skifi crew.

Henrik Harlaut – Welcome To The Family from Anomaly Action Sports on Vimeo.

E-Dollo shared, “I’m really stoked on my new partnership with SLYTECH. The team is really impressive and the products are the best. I have been riding with it for a week now, and the technology inside the products allows for amazing flexibility and comfort safety at the same time. It’s a great opportunity for me to develop and design products that would protect parts of my body that weren’t before. I’m really looking forward to the winter and to start ripping with these products.”

CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, “adding Henrik to the team is truly fantastic, he is another once in a generation skier with unreal style, and an addition to our family that is already one of the deepest in the ski world. At SLYTECH, we refuse to make any sacrifices when it comes to safety and comfort, and we relentlessly look to push the boundaries of technology consistent with our desire to continue to be the market leading impact protection brand in action sports. The strength of our team really legitimizes both the need for protection in such a progressive sport, as well as the amazing gear our engineers and athletes produce through their collaboration.”

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini spoke about the importance of innovation and protection, “Having Henrik join our very talented team is truly exciting as we continue our technological assault on the pre-conceptions surrounding the limitations of impact protection. Working with Henrik to selectively build and conceive products specifically aimed at addressing the needs he has for protection will allow us to advance the functionality and innovation of each product in the SLYTECH line. All of us engineers are ecstatic to work together with Henrik to strengthen and add to our line of impact protection products. . I am honored Henrik understood what we have been able to achieve so far, and wants to give back to the ski world through the development and popularization of protection products by demonstrating the necessity of safety gear and that it can actually help you break down boundaries that could otherwise be limited through the increasingly gnarly risks in our sport.”

Co-founder, Ted Ligety, has been watching Henrik’s ascent for years, saying, “Henrik is one of skiing’s great innovators and has style that is unmatched. It’s awesome having him on the SLYTECH team, and it will be cool to see him push the limits with the help of SLYTECH PROTECTION.”