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Catching up with our athletes can be tough to do when they’re scattered across the globe, but their adventures are always pretty effective at making us jealous of adventures on the bike or on snow. Kelly McGarry checked in lately to update us on his times down under, and he never disappoints.

 It’s been a great summer so far here in New Zealand, with loads of riding, road trips, travel and good times with good mates. We have a really sweet house here in Queenstown, way up on the hill with some pretty insane views from our bedroom and as usual the town is going off! There are so many people around shredding bikes; makes it the place to be if you ask me!


View from our bedroom


Off the bike, I have been spending some time on my new MOTO!!! I’ve done a few enduro races as well as blasting around the awesome terrain here!


I’ve been up to loads of bike related shenanigans lately here in NZ and across the ditch in Oz!!

Kelly-WipSeq Kelly-Update-February-2014-3

Next up on the program is the 2014 Farm Jam, one of my favourite events of the year. It’s held at the Frew Farm, way down in the south of the South Island. It’s an epic event bringing the BMX, MTB and FMX disciplines together for one weekend of camping, shredding and hanging out. Look out for some coverage coming from the event next week.