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Recently we got to sit down with shredder Keely Kelleher, and pick her brain about her new project,  Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls. You know, when she isn’t filming for Warren Miller. It’s a truly unique project and one we hope will continue to expand and help spread the love of the mountains that we all share.


Keels smiling as always.

What gave you the idea and what motivated you to start this camp? It’s idea is revolutionary.


Oh jeez thanks! I love the idea too!


I didn’t have many female coaches growing up. I love hanging with the guys, it’s all I did as a kid. But there is something very different about having a female coach. All the coaches at the camp have seen the highest levels of ski racing and skiing. If we can give back our knowledge to these girls hopefully it can help them through their careers. 


What’s your favorite part?


I love working with my past teammates to inspire these girls. We are actually in session right now and I can’t tell you how much fun it is collaborating with Jess, Chelsea, Megan and Hailey to create an insanely fun yet productive training environment for the girls.  


What do you intend to accomplish with the girls?


I intend to keep these girls in skiing forever. I know ski racing is a hard sport and an expensive one. If a girl from my camp makes the U.S. Ski Team one day awesome! But I think it’s more important to instill the love of the sport and the mountains in these girls. I want them to have fun, improve, and know that they have our support at any level. 




How do you keep getting such an all star cast of coaches?


The all star cast of coaches are my best friends and sisters to me! We raced on the team together for many years. I am so grateful to have them with me everyday on the hill. I missed them so much when I stopped racing, so now I have an excuse to get them all together. It’s almost like we are in ski camp again, just not competing against each other.



What’s the most important part of skiing in your mind?


I was always told when I was racing by my coach Randy Pelkey, ” A happy Keely skis fast.” That was one of the most important things I ever heard in my racing career. 




I want these girls to have fun and enjoy this incredible sport. I want them to improve and reach whatever goals they set for themselves. The last thing I want is for a girl to burn out in ski racing to the point where she doesn’t even want to free ski!  Skiing is a life long sport and that is the most important part in my mind.