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sunglasses size guide

Bold and confident, the Provocator cradles the contours of your face for a fresh blend of style and performance. Its base eight curve lenses provide the frames with a wrap-around design, offering a streamlined appearance and additional protection. We also offer the Provocator Airflow, which incorporates a thin vent into the outer edge of each lens to maximize ventilation. This design prevents the lenses from fogging when you’re especially active. The Provocator Airflow features CBL lenses and also comes with a bonus clear, non-CBL lens.

Inside the box | Sunglasses, Microfiber Sunglasses Bag, Hard Case, Info Manual, Shred Sticker

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    • NOWEIGHT™ - Shred NOWEIGHT™ frame is designed to be especially light, with its exterior providing a clean, streamlined appearance. On the interior of the frame’s interior, we’ve instead reduced the material used in areas subject to minimal stress and reinforced target areas for maximum durability. This significantly reduces the weight of our sunglasses, and allows the frame to be extremely thin and flexible.
    • CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS - Shred's CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS (CBL™) technology amplifies your experience to enhance image definition, contrast, and the vividness of colors. It enables to see nuances that would otherwise escape detection with a traditional lens.
    • POLARIZED - Shred's POLARIZED lenses reduce glare by blocking out all angles of scattered and reflected light from surfaces such as snow and water.
    • NOSLIP™ - Shred NOSLIP™ rubber pads on the nose and temple tips further enhance comfort and ensure the frames stay in place while you're in motion.
    • BONUS LENS - Available on select models.
    • LENS - High precision and impact protection liquid cast urethane lens /Base 8 /100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection
    • FRAME - Width: 139mm/5.47inch
    • TEMPLE - Length: 124mm/4.90inch
    • NOSE BRIDGE - Width: 15mm/0.59inch
    • LENS SIZE - Width: 61.9mm/2.48in /Height: 44.6mm/1.76in



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