Single lens with with ANTIFOG treatment and CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS tecnology (available only in select models) ensure astonishing contrast enhanchement and image definition in different light conditions. Pins on the lens compatible with our Tear-Offs are available in select models.
WARNING: Information for California residents

Tech Specs+-

  • Available for Nastify MTB and Soaza Dirt
  • LENS - Cylindrical single lens /100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection
  • MATERIAL - Polycarbonate, Acetate


  • TINT - Different base lens and mirror coatings available to perform in different weather and light conditions
  • CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS - Shred's CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS (CBL) technology allows better visibility of surface details. Available on selected models.
  • TEAR-OFF PINS - Pins on the lens compatible with our Shred Tear-Offs (available on selected models)

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