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Recently we caught up with Roman Kuss to hear about his Champ of the Ramp event and camps during the offseason. We are proud to support our athletes in their efforts to give back to the mountains that have been so kind to all of us. Roman always does a great job making us a little bit bummed we are in the office and he is out shredding.



What gave the idea/inspiration to start the Champ of the Ramp event and the camp that you run?

The idea was born in 2009. After some small contests we decided to build up a bigger event. I think it´s super important to provide some opportunities for freeskiers to work on their skills during summer. Today, Champ Of The Ramp is 5 years old and I think that year after year the event has grown into something truly special.


Is the camp your creation?

The camp and the training center is about 25 years old. Back in the day some old aerial athletes from our club built the premise and the foundation for the camp. After aerial jumping lost some popularity in Austria, the whole area was in a bad state and had lost a lot of support in the community. Five years ago I took over management and began to rebuild everything for freeskiers and snowboarders together with a buddy.


Today we have a huge area with great training tools: 2 ramps, 3 trampolines, slacklines, a new summer rail setup, jumping tower and much more.

Every new idea or feature we implement we build ourselves. It’s a little bit old school, but it’s from the core. It’s such a great way to spend time involved with feeskiing in the off months.


What drives you to give back to the ski community/next generation of riders?

It makes me proud to see the success of every guy from my club. I try to support them the best way that I know how with new tricks and technique that they can perfect on all of the new features we are adding and have already built. I always dream about new features to build – even if they are not always realistic, and I love all of it. I’m pumped that I have sponsors like SHRED and SLYTECH to help me give a little bit back to the next generation of shredders!



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