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Ted Ligety


Shred and Slytech co-founder, Ted Ligety has been the original inspiration for both brands and his soul lies at the heart of the company. Ted is relentlessly comitted to his craft, and has been at the forefront of ski race progression for years, which has culminated in two Olympic Gold Medals, five World Cup GS titles, and four World Championship gold medals. His continued success is wholely attributable to his passion for the mountains.

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“I was born and raised in the “PC”. Started skiing when I was  2 and racing when I was 10. I grew up playing just about every sport in some  capacity. But skiing was always the sport of choice. I made the US Ski Team when  I was 18, then went on to winning an Olympic Gold Medal in Torino then the World  Cup GS Globe. After winning the Olympics I started SHRED Optics with Carlo  Salmini, to make a product that wasn’t “racer” and was outside of most peoples  idea of what a goggle should look like.”

A Q&A With Ted Ligety

What about the products are you most psyched on and how do they help you?

I love the Shred Stupefy goggle, it looks rad and it performs unbelievably. I really like the huge field of view. I’m also really into the Shred Slam Cap, it’s super light, and safe with the Slytech NoShock. I’m a big fan of the Shred NoDistortion lenses. Since I love the Stupefy and Smartefy, the NoDistortion makes sure I can see everything clearly.

Gnarliest or scariest experience riding?

In AK I was skiing a line with a mandatory cliff near the bottom, and hit a rock and was hit by my slough which swiped out my feet. I did an Indy spin and got to my feet just before the cliff so I could get over the cliff band. I still fell below the cliff but at least I didn’t tumble over the rocks.

What's the perfect day of shredding to you?

Wake up to a bunch of fresh powder, rip with friends until its tracked out then race a night GS on a sweet injected hill.