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Ryan Nyquist


Ryan is the godfather of BMX. He has been the gold standard for both progression and imitation since the inception of the movement. Most impressively, Ryan never ceases to push the limits of possibility within BMX.

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“Bikes are in my blood. They have been my entire life. I learned to ride one when I was 3, learned to jump one when I was five, learned tricks when I was 11, and now I’m 35 and still learning new tricks. It’s a passion, at times an obsession, and has molded me into the person I am today. In fact there isn’t one thing in this world that I’ve done longer than ride a BMX bike. I can’t imagine who I would be without it.”

A Q&A With Ryan Nyquist

What about the products are you most psyched on and how do they help you?

It was earlier in 2014 when I found myself at a contest in Mexico, and it was ridiculously hot and sunny the day of the finals. The dirt was intensely bright and actually made it hard to ride because you were squinting the entire time you were riding. I had to figure something out, otherwise I was going to have to sit out the comp, because it became too dangerous to ride like that. I decided to try out the glasses while riding. I found that not only did they reduce the glare, but the optics didn’t distort my vision at all, so I didn’t have to adjust to anything.

What’s the perfect day of shredding to you?

Hanging with a bunch of my closest riding friends, riding epic trails, telling stories and talking trash, and riding until the sun goes down.

Gnarliest or scariest experience riding?

I’ve been pretty fortunate with injuries throughout my career, but there was one time when I was riding a mini ramp, crashed, and landed basically sitting on the end of my bar. I thought I have ripped open my family jewels. I ran to the parking lot, did a quick check inside my underwear, and luckily came out relatively unscathed. But man was I scared.