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Drew Duffy


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“Driving up to Vermont from Massachusetts every weekend to ski became the routine for my family. When we finally moved up to Vermont permanently people thought we were crazy. Little did they know the impact skiing would have on my family. Skiing helped shape me as a person, had brought me to amazing places all over the world and has provided me with the opportunity to do what I love every single day.”

A Q&A With Drew Duffy

What about the products are you most psyched on and how do they help you?

I am really psyched on the new simplify goggles. I love to have a wide range of view when I am skiing.

What's the perfect day of shredding to you?

The perfect day of shredding is any time I am up on the mountain. I love racing and training but I also love freeskiing. I guess I enjoy skiing being in the mountains as long as it isn’t raining…

Gnarliest or scariest experience riding?

The gnarliest experience I’ve had racing was  the Super G at Kitzbuhel. I think the Super G was a good warmup to hopefully run the Hannenkam some day soon.

Favorite place to ski?

My favorite place to ski is Mad River Glen in Vermont. I grew up skiing there, it feels like home every time I go back.