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Ben Cruz


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“My bike has taken me to the edge of the earth and back. Its more then just a bike, its the main tool to my life and the staple in my endless pursuit of happiness. I couldn’t imagine a day where I didn’t think about riding or look at every hill with the thought of where the best line would be to descend it. Bikes are my life.”

A Q&A With Ben Cruz

What about the products are you most psyched on and how do they help you?

I love my Soaza goggles. I were them every day for riding, motoing, 4x4in, or even weed-whacking. They are super comfy, have good airflow and never leave my eyes unprotected.

What's the perfect day of shredding to you?

A long day in the lakes basin of Plumas County Ca, with Massive descents, techy rockys and cold beers waiting for you in the creek at the bottom. There is nothing better then riding in my back yard.

Favorite place to ride?

Lakes Basin Ca. I live very close to it and it is by far some of the best riding on the planet. I feel really spoiled to call a place as beautiful as this home.

Gnarliest or scariest experience riding?

A few years back I was riding in Lake Garda Italy on a big group ride. When we were reloading and waiting for everyone, one of the guys was adjusting his air pressure and slipped. He started tumbling down the hill and disappeared over a cliff. It was like watching a Looney Tunes cartoon. He disappeared and we were all were convinced he was dead. Luckily it was only about a 15 foot drop and he was OK,  but for those 15 seconds I was convinced he didn’t survive the fall .  He had a brand new pack on with a back protector and that very well saved his life.