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Born and raised in Athens, Alexander found a lifelong passion in the snow covered mountains above Delphi in a log home running on a generator with a family of avid skiers. Venturing away from the sea, he learned to love and live in the mountains. Snow covered peaks are his true passion where steep pyramids of snow fall to the barren earth below.

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What are your favorite Shred products and how do they help you?

My favorite Shred products are for sure the goggles – specifically the Stupefy ones. The spherical shape of the goggle offers perfect and adaptable vision. No matter what the conditions are like I’m able to see where I’m going.

This may sounds a little cliche. However, this year while training GS, I crashed very hard and hit my head a couple of times in the process. I was very fortunate to have been wearing my Mega Brain Bucket helmet. I walked away with nothing but a couple of bruises. I owe my Shred helmet big time.

Gnarliest or scariest experience riding?

When I tore my ACL 2 years ago while training Super G in Chile. I’ve never felt so scared in my life.

What's the perfect day of shredding to you?

Snowing like crazy and hip deep powder! By the time a lap back around for another run on the off-piste , I want my previous tracks to be non existing–that way I can start fresh every time.

Favorite place to ride?

Saalbach, Austria and Sugarbush, VT!