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Shred Optics and Slytech Protection are thrilled to welcome freeskier Andy Parry to the family, bringing an endless bag of tricks and unique style to the team.

Parry is widely respected as one of the most innovative street and park skiers, pushing the boundaries of technicality and style. His constant smile on and off the hill make Parry a perfect fit for Shred Optics, the brand dedicated to the perfect combination of style and performance. While pushing the limits of what is humanly possible on skis, Parry is also supported by Slytech Protection, the leading brand in safety and innovation. As an innovator of the sport, Parry knows first-hand that accidents happen. That is why he stays equipped with the most trusted protection on the market. Parry will be joining a stacked crew of athletes including Tom Wallisch, Joe Schuster, Mike Hornbeck, Real Skifi, Lolo Favre, Duncan Adams, JL Ratchel, Lupe Hagearty, and Henrik Harlaut on the Slytech side.

“I’m really excited to be working with Shred because they are focused on creating a product that is tailored to the needs of the riders, without sacrificing style,” says Parry. “They are also growing a team of unique riders that doesn’t fit into the cookie cutter mold of the ski industry, and that is right up my alley.”

On Slytech, Parry says, “This is also my first time having the opportunity to be part of a brand that’s soul focus is safety. It’s really cool.  You want to know why?  Because being broke off sucks.”

“Andy is one of the most talented riders I’ve ever watched,” says Co-Founder and Olympic Gold Medalist, Ted Ligety. “He really is the rail wizard. It’s incomprehensible some of the things he lands and is always looking to find something new and truly unique. No matter how many tries it takes, he’ll always stomp it in the end.”

“Andy is at the center of the rail game and is one of the most technically skilled riders,” says CMO/CFO, Federico Merle. “He couldn’t be a better fit for Shred and Slytech. We see a lot of synergy with Shred and Andy’s personal expression of style and technical innovation. Some of the tricks Andy performs take a lot of commitment, ability, and the occasional beating to get it right. This repetition is something we want to enable with our continued innovation in Slytech.”

“Working together with one of the leaders in the rail-game creates a really interesting challenge for us engineers,” says Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini. “The ability to shape the progression of our products to address the demands of a highly precise activity, which necessitates complete dynamic movement, along with protecting our riders and consumers from the inevitable slam.”

“Working together with one of the leaders in the rail-game creates a really interesting challenge for us engineers, and helps us to push even further the performance boundaries of our products” says Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini. “Impacts against the hardest and sharpest possible objects, extremely rapid and diverse movements, and the necessity of having the widest possible field of view are just a few examples of what our products are best-in-class when it comes to gearing our athletes with uncompromised performance, style, safety and comfort. So I am very much looking forward to raise our bar even higher with Andy.”