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Marco Feichtner


What can really be said about Marco that his riding doesn’t? He’s just a super talented snowboarder. Marco is probably one of the hardest workers in the snowboard scene. He has over ten full parts under his belt – no fillers, no lifestyle shots, only bangers! Marco is a true backcountry snowboarder.

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“My name is Marco Feichtner, but my friends call me Fichtl. I am 31 years old and my passion is snowboarding. I started at the age of 12 on a hill in my parents’ backyard and since my first successful turns and jumps I fell in love with this sport. Living in the middle of the Alps made it possible for me to improve my riding as there are some great mountains. My professional career started just after a legendary Scandinavian roundtrip with some friends which later lead to the formation of the ‘Pirates’. Most of the time I spend riding in the backcountry filming instead of hanging around competitions. When I am not spending time on my board, there are a lot of other things I like to do. Nature is the place to be – therefore, I like to go downhill biking, Moto Trial biking as well as rock climbing. If the weather is bad I like to do some engraving work on all types of metal. I can’t stop trying new things because life offers so much.”

A Q&A With Marco Feichtner

What about the products are you most psyched on and how do they help you?

I started to ride for Slytech a few years ago and I am so thankful about the back protectors because this peace of art saved my back so many times! In the beginning of this season I started to ride for Shred and I have to say the goggles are crazy good in every type of weather conditions. What's the perfect day of shredding to you? There are two for me. The first being a powder and bluebird day and the second would be after a snowstorm taking tree runs. Gnarliest or scariest experience riding? Over the last couple of years I was scared many times. If I have to jump a big jump or something with high health risks I am always scared on my first try. The gnarliest experience I ever had was this one time at my home mountain when I thought the face what I wanted to ride was safe but it wasn't. I started riding and it cracked in front of me and the whole thing went down and luckily I got away from it. Favorite place to ride? There are so many nice places around the world it's hard to pick just one! Japan is a powder heaven and the USA has the option of sledding, so you can get to so many new spots. For us Euros it's a dream because we usually have to hike everything in the backcountry. Canada is also crazy because of their tree and pillow lines. I am so happy that I grew up in Austria with all the ski resorts we have. I am lucky to have seen so many more beautiful places along with these Japan and Canada.